Eagle Pathways addresses China Merchants Bank

Dirk Thomas talks about U.S. University Admissions to China Merchant Bank’s clients


(Shenzhen) June 16, 2016 Dirk Thomas of Eagle Pathways, and IBM Vice President of Corporate Development (retired) and former Stanford University interviewer, was proud to be invited by China Merchants Bank to speak with its preferred clients about the current education climate in the United States and U.S. university admissions. Mr. Thomas spoke on the intricacies of U.S. university applications, as well as shifting trends in student demographics and application requirements.


During this talk, Mr. Thomas remarked that ‘University admissions decisions go far beyond grades and test scores. It is critical to create a truly differentiated application to create impact and make a difference. That will give [applicants] results”. He also shared a three-year timeline to help plan actions that families should consider when thinking about studying in the United States.


When asked about his primary goal for the talk, Mr. Thomas replied, “Education in the U.S. is particularly relevant to families with children entering the Senior-One year of high school. They should take a long view and undertake necessary preparations so they can be fully competitive with students in the United States.” Mr. Thomas also stated: ”I hope the presentation was informative. If my remarks can alter the path of just one student to realize his dream, then I would be very happy. ” He went on to say, “the university admissions process is evolving and becoming increasingly focused on qualitative behaviors and capabilities of applicants. Not having acceptable grades and [test] scores are reasons that admissions officers reject applicants. Truly distinct qualitative capabilities are what get students accepted.”



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