Eagle Pathways begins preVIEW push for interview season

preVIEW differentiates college applicants during interview season. Lock in your acceptance.

University Interview season has arrived!


(Shenzhen) November 17, 2016 – Interviews for the 2017 academic year began in November and, for most applicants, will continue until the end of February. Depending on an applicant’s personality and level of preparation, this may mean that different strategies may be necessary. Whether applicants need to develop their social skills to present their most personable appearance, increase their understanding of interview etiquette to appear more comfortable and natural, or drill themselves on common questions so they can be as prepared as possible, now is the time to polish up in those departments.


Most U.S. Universities make participating in an interview an optional part of the application process but foreign students should consider it a requirement. Most university applicants spend years focusing on their high school grades, preparing the written aspects of their applications, and studying for entrance exams like SAT and TOEFL. The one-on-one interview is an all–too-important aspect of the application process that routinely gets overlooked by both applicants and counselors. With college interview season ramping up and thousands of Chinese applicants entering intense competition over limited university seats, those who prepare for their interview will set themselves apart. For foreign students looking at attending American universities, the interview may be one of the most important things they can do to make their application really stand out from other highly competitive applicants.


In response to a question on the importance of interviews in the college application process, Garrett Lazyan, Eagle Pathways preVIEW unit manager said: “Interviewing makes the application unique. Nailing it can mean the difference between a top 50 school and a top 20 school, while doing poorly may mean no school at all.”


What preVIEW can do for you.


preVIEW is a premium interview preparation program offered by Eagle Pathways to drastically improve an applicant’s interviewing abilities. We take a strategic approach to first identify an applicant’s weaknesses, develop a plan to brush up in these areas, and help the applicant create as much impact with their interview as possible.


The preVIEW 16-module program is complete with live mock interviews, assessed by U.S. university professors and education professionals. For more information about this program contact Eagle Pathways at connect@eaglepathways.com



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