Eagle Pathways Attends Promised Land Fundraiser

(Shenzhen) November 22, 2017- Promised Land Raises Funds for Children with Disabilities

Eagle Pathways joined a charity event on November 22 nd organized by Promised Land

to raise donations for children with disabilities. . Promised Land is a non-profit

organization that teaches and enriches lives of Chinese students with mental and

physical disabilities. Promise Land focuses on equipping young adults with skills to

integrate into society and entering the public school system or into the workforce.

Promised Land organized their 6 th Annual Fundraiser on Tuesday, November 22 as well

as Thursday, November 24 in raise awareness for this cause. During the event,

Promised Land organized their students to give presentations to show that children

that have certain disabilities can function at a higher level with the right education to

be productive citizens. Attendees, a mixture of foreign and local Chinese guests from

every walk of life, were all impressed with the talents of these young individuals.

Eagle Pathways’ Garrett Lazyan described the event as “a celebration of the abilities

of those who would normally not be considered by society.” He went on to say that “it

was quite eye opening to see how society has abandoned these children” and that he

is “glad organizations like Promised Land are taking up the mantel in educating and

integrating these kids, succeeding where other have failed them.” Mr. Layzan also

said, “Developing China’s youth to help create a better Chia is our mission. We share

the same mission as the Promised Land organization. We look forward to offering

more support.”