President-Elect Trump’s Path to the Ivy League Wharton School of Business

Trump didn’t start as an Ivy League student, but that’s how he finished.



President –Elect of the United States of America Donald Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (ranked #8 nationally); he also attended courses at its prestigious Wharton School of Business. Mr. Donald Trump, a billionaire famous for property development, will be the first President of the United Stated who graduated from UPenn. (See a list of schools attended by the US Presidents at the end of this article). As he boisterously tells the world, he is a member of the upper echelons of the intelligence bell-curve. But, how did Trump really manage to be accepted into such a great school? His path may be a little more surprising, and relatable, than one would think.


As a young lad, Donald Trump started out attending a private school in Queens, New York City. However, ensuing behavioral problems in his formative years caused him to leave this school to attend the New York Military Academy;  a school his parents enrolled him in hoping to impart to him some much-needed discipline. To their pleasure, Donald did well and was able to be accepted into Fordham University located in the Bronx, New York – currently ranked number 60. according to U.S. News and World Report rankings for 2017.


This is where the story gets interesting. After attending Fordham for two years, Trump transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and, although he did not graduate from its prestigious MBA program, he did take undergraduate classes in the Wharton School of Business, currently ranked number 7 among all business schools in the U.S. by Forbes.


So, how did President-Elect Donald Trump trigger this astronomical rise in the rankings from the 60th ranked school to the 8th in only two years? As Eagle Pathways’ Dirk Thomas, graduate of Stanford University, puts it, “transferring between schools is often one of the best strategies a student can use to get into a top university.” Mr. Thomas went on to say that “Top ranked universities are much more likely to accept an applicant with a proven record of performing well at a university level. Plus, some schools have collaborative programs that allowa student to begin at one school and graduate from another (higher ranked) school. We’ve had great experiences leveraging these relationships. ” This was the key to Trump’s rise and is a strategy that should be considered by university applicants looking to maximize their own potential.


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