Dirk Thomas talks on the reality of climate change to Peking University graduate students

Dirk Thomas lectures at Peking University on the importance of climate change.


(Shenzhen) December 1, 2016- Eagle Pathways’ Dirk Thomas spoke on the reality of climate change and advocacy to engage this imperative to Peking University graduate students from a wide range of disciplines on Tuesday, November 8th. Eagle Pathways believes in a sustainable future for generations to come – and that education and climate reality are vital to our development. This event was held in cooperation with the Climate Reality Project in Washington DC (www.climaterealityproject.org).


With mankind’s impact on the atmosphere leading to an increasingly precarious position for many species on this planet, it is important that new generations are taught that their actions can impact the lives of global citizens and that they can make a difference. China is a global leader in environmentally friendly technology, but more needs to be done. Mr. Thomas believes that building awareness among students at leading universities, such as Peking University, is an excellent way to inspire young minds into action.


The lecture hall, filled with more than 100 students, was alive with the voices of a fresh generation of graduate students interested to learn more about the reality and implications climate change will have on us all.  Mr. Thomas said “I was encouraged by the level of student engagement that night. I feel humbled by the fact that, while I was making an effort to spread information, it is those who were present who will go on to make the real difference.”


Professor Dr. Jin Peng of the Peking University Graduate School of Environment and Energy was a sponsor of this event. When asked about his reaction to the talk, Dr. Jin said he was “grateful to [Mr. Thomas] for helping [him] bring insight to  the students about this important topic and encouraging them that there is more that can be done.” and that he “is confident the lecture left a deep impact on those in attendance.”



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