University Summer Programs create opportunity and make a difference when applying for university study in the U.S.

Academic Summer Programs are competitive entrance. Applications are due December through March.

Applications to academically oriented summer programs at renowned universities throughout the United States have begun and will continue into March. Most are competitive entry and can offer students a fantastic opportunity to get a head start on admissions to the top U.S. universities. A variety of programs are available for students to explore their interests and demonstrate their passion. We have found that attending these programs can create opportunity and make a real difference in university admissions. It can connect the student with the university and its culture. If a student is curious about a university, joining summer programs is a great place to learn.

Students and their families find six benefits of attending academic summer programs

1. Experience the excitement of university life in the U.S.

2. Take fascinating university courses with renowned faculty

3. Get a head start on university by experiencing how classes are taught in U.S. universities. Some programs even allow students to earn university credits

4. Attend a university fair and learn about a variety of university offerings.

5. Live on a university campus to experience university life and make friends from around the world

6. Build confidence and independence and demonstrate student character
Students attend classes, taught by university professors, on the university’s campus, live in the university dormitories and often take short field trips to see local sights and cities.

U.S. Universities realize the spirit of innovation occurs by putting talented people of different backgrounds together – the hallmark of iconic Silicon Valley entrepreneurialism. John Jackson, Partner of Eagle Pathways located in Silicon Valley USA said “Academic summer programs bring together people from around the world to make new friends and experience the excitement of studying and living in a university setting.” He went onto say, “There is no better way to demonstrate your passion and ability to perform at a top U.S. university than to do well in an academic summer program.”

It’s time to put student’s university desires in context of abilities and plan for summer programs now. Applications to these programs are like ‘mini’ applications to top universities.

Dirk Thomas, Eagle Pathways group chairman said, “Summer academic programs can
align students with universities and better prepares them for a rigorous application
process. It can help move a student’s university applications beyond GPA and test
scores. “

Summer programs offer a variety of study subjects, are typically between 4 and 8
weeks, and offer a wide variety of courses and programs for a student to choose from.
Some of the most prestigious programs are listed below. Many more exist and some
can be combined for a truly unique experience. If your student is would like to
consider an academic program, it is best to seek advice on programs and options from
a company that has U.S. based professionals with expertise advising students on
summer programs and their impact on U.S. university applications. Eagle Pathways
has just such an experienced team in the US, and a local team in China to make family
communications easy. Feel free to contact Eagle Pathways for more information.

Summer Academic Programs Sponsoring University
Boston University Summer Term Boston University
Summer College ProgramCornell University
Harvard Summer SchoolHarvard University
Research Science Institute (RSI)MIT
Ross Mathematics ProgramOhio State Univerisity
Princeton Summer Laboratory Learning Program Princeton University
Stanford High School Summer College (HSSC)Stanford University
Stanford Math Camp (SUMaC)Stanford University
Berkeley Business Academy for YouthUC Berkeley
UCLA Summer SessionsUC Los Angeles
Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania
UPenn Engineering Summer Academy (ESAP)University of Pennsylvania
UPenn Math Club (PUMaC)University of Pennsylvania
Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)Yale University