Summer Camp experience creates self-confidence and instills character in each camper.

Summer Camp experience creates self-confidence and instills character in each camper.
Eagle Pathways US partners with elite summer camps across America, LEAD Adventures. Summer camp registration season in America has begun with many camps now accepting applications through March 2017. Camp sessions begin as early as June and go through August.
Summer camps and important developmental and fun activities.
Summer camp experience creates self-confidence and instills character in each camper. Camp is one of the few places where dreams really do come true, by providing your child with a safe place to explore and learn, a place where they can be themselves and discover who they want to be. A place where they can have the experiences that can not only differentiate them from the competition but will transform them into the best people possible, the kind of people we would feel safe leaving our futures to. Joining camp provides cultural exchange and a chance to build lasting friendships in the U.S. and around the world.
Adopting discipline and values help make the camp a structured and enriching experience for youth. Days are spent hiking with friends and counselors, swimming, horseback riding, boating or rock-climbing; disguising the immersion style of learning English is behind a fun adventure that your child will never forget!
At camp, you child will develop life skills that universities are looking for, more so than just high grades. Although grades are a key factor in college acceptance, unique experiences that demonstrate a student’s ability to interact with others and a sense of global citizenship are equally if not more valuable.
Wide varieties of camp experiences are available to your child.
Nature camps in America give your child an outdoor experience is some of the world’s most beautiful and scenic spots. They are located near the beach or in the mountains close to rivers and lakes for a truly enjoyable and safe environment. Reputable camps on the West coast – California, Oregon and Washington, in the North East – New York, Massachusetts and Maine, and countless numbers in between.
Some of the camps are located near large metropolitan areas close to outstanding
universities. For example, San Francisco is near Stanford, Berkeley, Los Angeles has USC, UCLA and is near UC San Diego; New York City has Columbia and NYU; and Boston is near Harvard, MIT, Boston College and Boston University. Some camps combine a truly wonderful outdoor experience with formal ESL class and tours to great schools.
There is even a one-week space camp, sponsored by NASA – America’s national space exploration organization,Your child can experience the thrill of space through sitting in a space shuttle simulator or a zero gravity room. The week is full with hands on science and robotic labs, and science and math based lectures with the aim of creating greater understanding of space.
Whatever your goal for your child, there are a number of interesting and reputable camps in the U.S. to help you. It is best to speak with a professional counselor to help select the camp that best suits your interests. We hope that you will consider Eagle Pathways’ throughout LEAD Adventure Program. We focus on camps 1 – 3 weeks long, for students age 10 -18 years, on the west and east coasts of America.
Mr. Oliver Scher, Program Director of LEAD Adventures and benefactor of camping in the NorthWestern part of the United States while growing up, says, “summer programs unlock the passion and confidence within your child that all schools are anxious to see. By living American culture in the most authentic social immersion environment imaginable, your child will stand out as an interesting and relatable candidate. LEAD Adventures is part of Eagle Pathways’ LEAD program offering.
Some of the services and activities you should discuss with your counselor when considering if summer camp is appropriate for your child and before you plan the trip include:
Summer Academic Programs
Camp selection and application consultation
Transit services to out of country airport
Arranging travel abroad insurance, including health coverage
Pre-departure camper seminars + more
Camp culture training
Camp English training
Campership – icebreakers, rituals
Camp food arrangements & medical service introduction
Pre-departure Gala dinner – fun. Games, food, group unity
Gear – shirt, hat and water bottle
Travel escort – travel with the camper to/from camp
Regular posting of individual activities and photos to a web portal
Photos and videos of the summer experience
Online profile management – updating camper’s activity profile to the family
Communication liaison in China– taking care of families’ needs with our partners
Camp newsletter updates
You should also ask about visas, flight plans, transit plans to the airport, pickup and transport to the camps,