EB5 Program for the United State’s Citizenship

(United States) April 19, 2017 -On April 28, 2017, the EB-5 program, administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is set to expire.

While we believe it’s unlikely to be completely ‘stopped’, we expect its renewal may take some time to be approved by the U.S. Congress and that substantial change to the program will be announced, likely including increased investment requirements.  The revised program is expected to continue to attract new investors, primarily from China (today 90% of EB-5 applications are from families in China). At Eagle Pathways, we are not immigration agents, but because of the international nature of our clients, we have assembled and vetted a worldwide network of experienced immigration law firms to help us. We are always happy to introduce our VIP clients and their families to our network of immigration experts  to answer their questions and make plans based on their specific needs.

The current wait time for Chinese investors entering the EB-5 program is seven years due to overwhelming interest in the program. That’s a long time. Most families want their children to be included in their petition and to receive a green card. However, because of the program’s long wait times, children often end up being excluded from a family’s application because children cannot be included if the child turns 21 before the application is accepted.

Many families are considering a new approach to this program by first sending their children to study in the United States, then having the child apply for the EB-5 program to receive the green card. The child can later apply to sponsor family members for immigration to the U.S. It sounds simple, but the program is complex and linking an EB-5 application with a student visa can be complicated, so engaging  competent immigrations attorneys from the beginning is critical.

Families have lots of questions, for example … “can a person apply for a tourism or study visa after filing a petition to immigrate?” or, “Can a student under 18 years old apply for the EB-5 program?” Each answer depends on individual circumstances, and sometimes the answers are not obvious.

Unfortunately, we have found that many agents in China claim to know U.S. immigration policies, but most lack actual experience in U.S. immigration issues, so they often cause more issues than they solve, and sometimes they recommend approaches that result in disqualification from the program. We recommend families consult with international experts so they can build a strategic plan that will get them the results they want and not risk wasting money and time (years) following poor advice.

Eagle Pathways offers our family clients access to our Exclusive VIP services platform where you can find answers from real experts. Eagle Pathways is a selective end to end American education management company. If you are thinking about immigration or want answers after the program has changed, contact us to meet with real experts.