Eagle Pathways Expands offers executive education programs aimed at developing Strategic Competencies for Innovators and Entrepreneurs in China

Supporting China’s priority to innovate and commercialize domestic technologies.

Eagle Pathways, a leader in personal development programs, announces today its launch of a unique service to support entrepreneurs and executives in China’s emerging high tech business sector. Eagle Pathway’s new program aims to develop Strategic Competencies for Innovators and Entrepreneurs as an Executive Education series that will provide excellent training in strategy formulation, business planning and applied skills for technologies oriented executives.

The executive education program developing Strategic Competencies for Innovators and Entrepreneurs is built upon Eagle Pathways’ trademarked LEAD service and is designed to help entrepreneurs to develop the applied skills necessary to compete in global markets.

Eagle Pathways experts hail from the best universities across America and from some of the most recognizable global companies in the world. Our experts will  lead program participants through lectures and group discussions covering major subjects such as Business Strategy, Business Planning and Applied Skills.  Eagle Pathways’ robust curriculum will enable achievement oriented executives and entrepreneurs the opportunity with skills to create new businesses and expand into new markets.

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