About Us

Success with Students in the United States and China

Eagle Pathways grew from the team our founders gathered to help their own children and the children of friends, family and colleagues.

Eagle Pathways is an elite American education consultancy headquartered in Silicon Valley that works with families across US and in China to plan the educational futures of their children.

Eagle Pathways offers clients the best one-stop source for all US University admissions needs. We are dedicated to providing clients with the personalized attention, guidance, and skills necessary to be successful in the US University application process, in university studies, and in life.

The Eagle Pathways team of US university lecturers, teachers, former admissions interviewers, and industry experts advise our clients on admissions trends, what universities look for, key preparation tips, and how to navigate an increasingly complex and dynamic admissions process.   We then provide the training, experiences and services to get our clients admitted to top US universities through our three focus areas – ApplyWrite, LEAD, and preVIEW.


ApplyWrite ~ LEAD ~ preVIEW

We only work for our clients. Eagle Pathways does not solicit or accept money from schools, universities, tutoring services or anyone else, so we do not have any of the financial conflicts that are common among agents in China.

We counsel differently. We can do everything a college counselor or agent from China can do, and much more.

Our team of teachers, counselors, and coaches, are experienced experts in admissions counseling who will  work together seamlessly to find the individualized educational path to best meet your student’s needs. We can develop a tailored application strategy and university list for your child that matches your child’s goals,  teach your child the skills needed to be a successful university student, then we will work to get your child admitted to those universities.

Our experts and coaches are located where they can best serve our clients: in the US where they can work every day with the universities your child wants to attend. We are very flexible and counsel students in China from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and needs. All our clients receive our personalized approach and commitment to their success.