Our Locations

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Shenzhen client center earlier this year as a place for clients and their families! They can come to meet with our staff, or use our space to study, read or meet with their counselors and other clients. We also host training and exclusive small group and individual meetings with visiting executives from U.S. universities and international companies.


Central Office:

Xintian Shiji Business Central Building

Office 1404, 14/F, Bldg B Shixia, Futian, Shenzhen 518048 深圳市福田区石厦新天世纪商务中心B座1404 (福田法院对面) Registered Office:

Qianhai New District Nanshan, Shenzhen

peking-univ-building4 Shenzhen Extended Instructional Facility:

Peking University Building University Town of Shenzhen Nanshan, Shenzhen

Hong Kong

Wanchai, Hong Kong


Silicon Valley (Neighbor to Stanford University and UC Berkeley)

San Jose, California Office


Downtown Office


New York

Satellite Office