Our Team

Experience in College Counseling

Our business grew out of years of volunteer work by our founders for the children of friends, family and other young people they were mentoring who wanted to improve their leadership skills, social involvement, and language skills and who needed help applying to study at US universities. We were able to draw on experience in human resource training in major international companies and our involvement in education to develop programs that can help students be successful. We have decades of success with US applicants and, in the past few years we have been delighted with our Chinese clients’ being accepted into top US schools.

US College Graduates

All US Staff are Native US English speakers, US University Graduates, and have an average of 10-years of experience. In China, our team is primarily Native US English speakers, plus we have a few employees from China to assist with clients and family communications and to deliver in-person training that is created in the US. Our teams focus is help our clients with their applications AND to help provide context around what universities want and life at school.

US Certified Educators & Professors

Our educators are teachers and professors in the US who are certified to teach in high school and college by US schools and government teaching associations. That means they have degrees in education and other relevant fields (TESOL, for example), and have experience teaching teenagers and helping them prepare for University.

US University Admissions Professionals

Our team includes people who have been university admissions officers at well know universities and have been active interviewers. They understand the university process and, more importantly, how it is adapting to meet a rapidly changing world because of technology and social media.

Professional Writers

Our writing coaching staff includes government certified teachers with substantial experience teaching English writing and AP English, teachers certified to Teach English to Speakers of other Language (TESOL) and professional writers with extensive experience in high tech companies in the US editing works from non-native English speakers.

Certified Interviewers and Assessors

Our interviewers and assessors are certified by Eagle Pathways before they can conduct or evaluate an interview. We constantly monitor and train to improved interviewer consistency and program integrity.

Accomplished Executives from Global US Companies

Our founders and other professionals have successful careers in well-known companies. These companies include IBM, Hitachi, GlobalFoundries, Baker & McKenzie, and Jones Day. They have worked directly with Universities on cooperative projects, recruiting the best students, and technology transfer. Many actively serve local communities and bring these ideologies into our company including helping under privileged children. Our team also include HR professional, also familiar with university relationships, interviewing and EQ assessments.

Our team includes graduates from Stanford University, Georgetown, BYU, Santa Clara University, and the University of Sydney.

Our Programs are adapted from IBM, GE and Stanford University

Our team members have personally participated in, and benefited from, programs similar to the LEAD program as student, employees and executives. The have seen firsthand the value of this training and participated in its evolution. Several of our managers have lead acquisition integration teams for major corporations where they learned cultural differences and the value of cultural integration and training.

Recognized by Governments for their Contributions

Our founders are recognized by China’s national government for societal contribution, have been awarded honorary citizenship, recognized to be among the top ten foreigners contribution to Shenzhen’s 30 years of development. We also include a 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Bearer. Our team has also been recognized by Singapore’s President for societal and economic contributions, and by Mexico for business development work.

Experience in China

Our team has experience living and learning abroad. We understand what is important to our clients because of those experiences. Plus, our leadership has substantial experience living and working in Asia, especially in China for more than 20-years.