Eagle Pathways provides a wide array of Client services, primarily through our: ApplyWrite, LEAD, and preVIEW services groups. We also provide an array of Parent Services.

Clients are welcome to participate in programs from any of our service groups, or to participate in them all. Our focus is on individualized service, so we want you to get the services you want.

When you become an Eagle Pathways Client, you will be introduced to a local client team who can explain more about our services and who will be responsible for your satisfaction.

  • Client Representative – a Chinese speaking staff member who will facilitate communication with your family and smooth your relationship with Eagle Pathways.
  • Senior Executive – an experienced American executive living in China who can bring the right Eagle Pathways people together to meet your needs. This executive will meet with you and your family to help you understand our services and will personally oversees the Eagle Pathways teams that will work with you. Our Senior Executives average more than twenty-five years experience in education, international business, and government service, so you can rely on their experience.

Our Service Groups:


Eagle Pathways’ ApplyWrite service group focuses primarily on client applications to U.S. universities and on writing coaching.

As an ApplyWrite participant, you will be assigned a dedicated U.S.-based team to counsel and assist you on all aspects of your U.S. university applications. Your team will work directly with you to:

  • Create an individualized Application Plan tailored to your specific needs, including:
    • An individualized university application strategy, including a specific list of U.S. universities where you want to apply,
    • An application essay strategy, and
    • A master application calendar.

Your team will review this plan with you and your family to ensure everyone agrees with the plan, and adapt the Application Plan as your situation changes (for example, if you get an improved exam score, or complete a meaningful internship through our LEAD program);

  • Create a program of preparation activities you should consider to improve the quality of your applications. This may include LEAD and preVIEW programs, meaningful internships, service experiences and test preparation courses.
  • Provide you with a list of the documents you and your family will need to provide to support your university applications, then gather those documents from your family and manage their submission;
  • Guide you through writing and revising application essays and personal statements required for your applications;
  • Complete and submit all of the university applications, and submit any supplementary information the universities require;
  • Monitor each application as it proceeds through the process;
  • Help you decide among the acceptance letters you receive and submit your acceptance documents to the university you decide to attend.
  • Keep you and your family updated regularly.

A key component of the ApplyWrite program is essay coaching. We begin by creating an essay strategy to provide insight into you as a person. Your personal essay coach – a certified teacher with significant English composition teaching or professional writing experience (and certified ESL teacher if needed) will help you with essay writing through direct coaching. Writing coaching is critical because if you want to apply to 10-12 universities, you will likely need to submit 40+ pages of well-written composition.  Just as importantly, your success in a U.S. university will depend heavily on your English writing ability, so working one-on-one with a dedicated U.S. writing coach can give you the skills and confidence you need to be an exceptional student at a U.S. university.


Eagle Pathways’ LEAD service group focuses primarily on leadership and personal development.

Why are Leadership and Personal Development important?

Admission to top U.S. universities requires more than test scores and grades.

When asked “What test scores and grades must a student attain to be admitted to your university?” most U.S. universities answer, “It depends.”  They don’t say that to frustrate applicants. They say it because it really does depend. U.S. university admissions officers look for much more in a student’s application than just grades and test scores. They look for self-awareness and character, emotional maturity, leadership and critical thinking experience, and demonstrated passion for activities beyond academics. This helps explain why some universities accept students with lower scores and grades. For example, Stanford University reportedly turns down 70% of applicants with perfect SAT scores! UC’s are similar.

Top U.S. students work with school counselors to find activities to build and demonstrate these qualities throughout their middle and high school years. To be fully competitive, Chinese students need to build and demonstrate these same qualities. Eagle Pathways created the “Learning to Action Leadership Development” (“LEAD”) program to help young people from China build the skills they need to successfully apply to top U.S. Universities and to succeed as U.S. university students and in life.

Through the LEAD program, each client works with a local Eagle Pathways LEAD mentor and a team of US-based coaches to develop an individualized plan of training, activities and experiences that will help the client build those critical qualities. This can include:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions;
  • Interactive coursework modules with US-based coaches to build self awareness;
  • Learning relevant psychological and behavioral principles to build self confidence and the skills needed to lead high-performance teams;
  • Participating in group activities and meetings with guest lecturers from U.S. universities, companies and government representatives.
  • Participating in internships, summer programs, and meaningful service activities to gain valuable, real-world experience.

Throughout the LEAD program, you will have access to a secure “personal data warehouse” where you can journal about your progress, view videos of senior leaders discussing challenges they have faced, read relevant articles and access a set of personalized reading materials focused on your personal development.

When should a student start with LEAD?

U.S. Universities look for a record of sustained activity, so it is best to start early. Students currently applying for university admission can certainly benefit from LEAD and our LEAD mentors can tailor a program for to maximize that benefit. However, students will gain more experience and build stronger skills if they start earlier – up to three years before they want to apply to university (8th grade). This can allow for participation in targeted summer programs, internships, university visits, etc. In addition, the skills students learn through LEAD can help them be better students and more easily cope with the challenges they face in middle/high school.


Eagle Pathways’ preVIEW service group focuses on training for application interviews and personal presentation.

For many years, U.S. Universities recommend applicants participate in interviews so applicants can demonstrate special capabilities. Increasingly, top universities require an interview as part of the application process to assess the applicant’s suitability and spoken English capability.  The preVIEW program is designed to prepare you for third party and alumni interviews using proven methods  – the same methods used by IBM, GE, and the U.S. government to train their executives for interviews – personalized for you by our Eagle team of former admissions officers and alumni from truly outstanding U.S. Universities.

preVIEW program includes personal coaching with a native English speaker, targeted training, plus mock interviews that are assessed by our certified spoken English assessors in the U.S.. The interviews and the assessments will be reviewed with you to help you improve your interviewing technique and to help you to be more relaxed with interviews and speaking about yourself in general.

Students at U.S. universities are expected to speak in class and to fully participate in classroom discussions. An additional benefit of preVIEW training is that you can learn to be more comfortable speaking and discussing topical issues – critical skills you will need to be a competitive student in a U.S. university.

Parent Services:

Finding the right path to get your child admitted to a top US university can be a challenge. Helping ensure that your child is successful as a university student can be too. We offer services to parents to help find those paths.

Our approach is to put your child first by providing the services you need to help your child. We hope you will use our full scope of student services, but if you would like to use only a few services or even a single service, we will support you. We have experience working with other consultants and agents both in China and in the US, so we can work as part of your team if you prefer.

Private Counseling

If you are not sure where to begin, you can meet with one of our counselors to discuss the admissions process, strategies, etc. so you can understand more about a US education and the admissions process. In private counseling sessions, our objective is to give you with information and advice you need, not to sell you services.

“Second Look” Service

Although most of our clients choose to work with us exclusively, some of our clients choose to work with a local agent company. However, they also want a US expert’s opinion about whether the agent’s plans are appropriate. Through Eagle Pathway’s unique “second look” service, we can have an experienced University counselor (an American with admissions experience with a US university) work with you to review an agent’s plan and give you private feedback.

US University Admissions Seminars

Our executives regularly conduct seminars on U.S. university admissions-related topics in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other cities in South Chinan. These seminars are generally hosted by a respected sponsor – for example, a major bank’s wealth management department, a leading international school, or by the US Department of Commerce (with whom we are a preferred partner). Most sessions include a question and answer period. These seminars are by invitation only and are offered at our instructional facilities at Peking University’s Shenzhen campus, at the sponsor’s facility, or at a similarly appropriate location. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how to secure an invitation.

 Exclusive VIP Lecture Series in Hong Kong & Shenzhen

We invite visiting US university officers and experts from government and industry to meet with our Client’s parents to offer insight into current developments in US academics, admissions and related topics of interest. These events are by invitation only and are exclusively offered at prestigious lunch or dinner venues in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

“Rescue Me” service

Each year, we are approached by a few parents who have an agent who is not meeting their needs. Through Eagle Pathway’s unique “Rescue Me” service, our US team can work with you and your agent to get things back on track, even if deadlines are near. We are ready to do what is necessary – whether that is helping with specific issues, handling a few critical university applications, or taking over an entire application process. This service is also helpful for families who, for whatever reason, are late starting their child’s US University applications and need immediate help to meet critical deadlines.


Program Selectivity

We work with selected Clients whom we think would benefit from the impact we can create in their university applications.

We prefer to work with students who have well-rounded interests, demonstrated passions, and high levels of academic achievement, but we have been very successful with students who don’t meet that profile, particularly when we have time to really make an impact. As a result, we are more flexible about engaging with students who are 2-3 years away from applying to university so we can help them develop those qualities.