ApplyWrite®  Pro is a premium 

education consulting blended service.

Highly personalized • Highly selective schools • Private-Client approach •  Best for families with a long view • Manage the entire journey

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Individualized education consulting services

ApplyWrite ®  Pro is a premium, individualized education consulting service that helps young people get the U.S. university education they need to succeed in today’s competitive world. A global team helps with your journey.   


Our Value • Great Results • Selective Schools •  Long View 


We assemble a team of experts in China and the U.S. to personally support you.  They help design strategies, plans and  guide your journey to the finest schools and take actions. Plus, you benefit from global team perspective - not one person - leading to a better result. 


 You are assigned a local Liaison Manager near you and your family to ask questions and keep you up to date. Your Liaison Manager also coordinates all activities with your guidance counselor and writing coach, both located in the U.S. Your managers, counselors and coaches  hail from some of best Universities in the US from coast to coast.


 All of Eagle Pathway’s writing coaches are current or former university professors, State certified teachers, or professional writers with years of experience with both writing and with coaching young people.  Our coaches have helped thousands of students and love what they do. 

Other programs that have impact

We've found that families that take a long view tend to reach higher goals.  Our EMERITUS ®  program . Emeritus service helps you prepare. 


  All of our guidance counselors, just as are your writing coaches, are current or former university professors, State certified teachers, or professional guidance counselors that have helped literally thousands of students. They manage, coordinate and monitor all of your activities. They are located in the U.S. because, frankly, it is best for them to be close to the universities where you will apply.  


We work in partnership with well-known universities, colleges and high schools across the country along with leading NGO/business associations to bring you insight and perspective.  We also help you with subject experts.  


How it all comes together

You, your liaison manager, writing coach, and U.S. guidance counselor will communicate through our Eagle’s Nest platform. Your writing coach and guidance counselor are be located in the U.S. because you want an experienced American teacher and it is best for them to be close to the universities where you will apply. Your Liaison Manager in China provides you and your family regular updates. 

Charter Membership of ApplyWrite® Standar

APPLYWRITE ®  standard is offered this year for student charter members who know what they want and need little guidance. Our essays coaches in the United States help with your essay edits.APPLYWRITE®  Standard is built of a foundation of success with our APPLYWRITE®  PRO service.  

Developed from our Pro service • Lowest Cost • Counselors and essay coaches are in the U.S. • Essay editing • Most student involvement • Typically begin the program need applications. Online

Other eagle pathways programs that help in your journey

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