Be authentic. Show your passion. 

Interview Coaching

 InitialVIEW®  is an Eagle Pathways program that includes a series of lecture modules about interviewing capabilities and one-on-one coaching with assessed mock interviews. We believe your interview should be comfortable, enjoyable and give you a setting to make an impression. Being authentic and demonstrating your passion are important. InitialVIEW ®  is designed to build confidence, build communication skill, and apply these skills to academic and professional interview settings.  


How initialVIEW® works

Nothing like it in China!


Academic Lectures

   Our lecture module series is created by our expert staff in the U.S. We discuss the interview process and strategies. We explore ways to develop powerful messages that convey your strengths and passions. We discuss ways to effectively get your messages across. We focus on authenticity and why questions are asked - not what they may be. We discuss the different types of lectures and which is best for you.  Online & Offline.


Mock Interview

Mock Interviews are as real as can be! You participate in alive digitally recorded interview that is “real” in every way between our academically oriented modules. Interviewers are in the U.S. or China. We want you to have the real experience and to be comfortable during your interview as real-world matters are presented. Each mock interview is less than 10 minutes. 


Expert Assessment

initialVIEW ®  is unique in China and is about you! We stream your mock interview to our experts in the U.S. They don’t have an invested interest in you, so their perspective is as real real as it gets. Their assessment and comments are added to your interview and hyper-linked to the point your response or behavior was observed. You can ask to have up to 5 expert assessors assigned to get a broad perspective. 


Review with You

  Not done yet! Together we watch your mock interview and see your assessors' observations where they are made in the interview. They give you a score and offer suggestions for improvement. We found our students only believe their behavior they can see! We review your interview with you, identify your strengths and weaknesses and then make helpful suggestions.  


Repeat, repeat and repeat

  Let’s repeat the cycle – more lectures, more interviews, more assessment and more review. Focus each time on what is important and what has impact. We’ll make your interview more challenging.  Throw in some twists to see how you handle them. Our goal is to have you comfortable, clear and authentic. 


What matters

  You can truly stand out and humanize your application. Interviewers what to understand what is not in your application,  how you interact with others, what you think, what you value and what is your passion. Being clear and thoughtful can make a difference.  

Let us know if you'd like to know more about initialVIEW and our other great programs that help build innovative mindsets.  

initalVIEW ®  is a Trademark registered in the People's Republic of China