Critical Thinking®



Our Critical Thinking® Program helps students learn to think not what to think, Critical Thinking aims to seek truth, solve problems, understand other points of view, and lead in a structured manner. It improves personal and formal communication. Our Thinking program builds three core skills: curiosity, skepticism and humility

Design Thinking®



Design Thinking® implies' thinking about design from a human perspective; a cognitive, strategic and iterative problem-solving approach. When applied to real-world challenges Design Thinking develops self-efficacy, collaborative confidence and emotional intelligence. Students learn to adopt feedback as useful and actionable information, and embrace the idea that effort is needed to push through foreseeable set-back.

Creative Thinking



Our Creative Thinking™ Program builds student skill to think "outside of the box". Creativity is frequently less ordered, predictable and structured. So, Creative Thinking Is a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions and can be stimulated both by an unstructured process such as brainstorming, and by a structured process such as lateral thinking. Creative Thinking, unlike critical and design thinking abilities, involves a lot more open and playful approach, Iterative idea formation and builds attitude.

Visual Thinking®



Our Visual Thinking® Program a Is way of thinking visually. It Is about "image thinking" or thoughts that ore directed or associated with imagines, Visual Thinking comes in many forms, and chances or that you're already using a few of them already to help you organize your thoughts. Students are Introduced 10 tools and methods to help visualize ideas, perform thought experiments and express Ideas and thoughts non-verbally and to further collaboration.

Debate and Speech



Eagle Pathways' Debate & Speech Program provides the fundamentals of argumentation and debate so that students learn the bedrock skills necessary to enter into more structured debate formats at more advanced levels. We will cover argument theory, basic debate research skills, "flowing". Our public speaking program teach many of the same skills as a traditional debate program, Just without the focus on direct head-to-head competition. And of course, we build on our core Thinking programs.