a Personalized Enrichment Program

The Emeritus® Program

EMERITUS ®  is designed for students from China that welcome change and want to develop core capabilities to help them successfully address and navigate unique challenges and opportunities inherent in change and to become more effective students.  

EMERITUS ®  develops students to embody five core personal competencies: critical analysis, self-awareness, interpersonal engagement and empathy, situational awareness, and effective communication. Today, more than ever before, fast changing environments are affecting all aspects of life, and necessarily education and student needs. 


WHy Emeritus


Innovative Thinking

EMERITUS ®  coaching helps our students learn how to think and not what to think. Our experts help you understand the foundations of critical thinking and other techniques to develop and hone skills necessary to analyze complex problems, formulate well-reasoned arguments, and consider alternative points of view. It will help you identify critical issues, develop, and present well-reasoned positions, and evaluate facts and sources of information. You apply those skills to address a variety of real-world problems.  


Communications with Impact

 Successful leaders in today’s fast-changing and challenging environments are intentional about developing their capabilities, articulating their values, and making decisions that align with those values. EMERITUS ®  helps you learn to use trust and humility to build personal relationships. You learn the value empathy brings to identifying, understanding, and resolving value-based disagreements, and indeed breakthrough innovation.  


Personal Mentor+360 Assessment

 EMERITUS ®  introduces topics and tools that are central to leadership. As part of this program, you complete a self and peer evaluation known as “the 360-process” – a program used at IBM, Stanford University, and other highly regarded technology-oriented companies. – and receive individualized mentoring and a personalized report. Think of your Eagle Pathways mentor as your life coach.  

Problem solving, critical thinking, innovation & creativity

According to a McKinsey & Company report in 2019 these skill sets are the #1 missing soft skills,  and the gap is not going away or fixing itself. 


Independent Behavior + Self Assessment

 Through video lectures, application exercises, survey, online counselor discussions, and personal reflection, students not only gain an overview of relevant topics and research on critical thought and creativity, but they will also clarify their own values, think through real-world dilemmas, discover the diversity of viewpoints, practice articulating recommendations compellingly, build independent thought and find out how to avoid cognitive pitfalls that get in the way of purposeful leadership. Students are introduced a variety of skills such as time management, diversity & inclusion.   


Summer Programs, Camps + Internships

  We believe experiential learning is a very effective way develop leadership skill and to learn from our successes and failures. Emeritus ® , as a blended learning platform, helps you engage competitive out-off school academic camps, sports & arts camps in the United States; and in special cases with qualified students' internships with businesses and service companies to have real-world experiences.   


Great teachers + Global business leaders

Our instructors and facilitators hail from some of finest  universities in the US from coast to coast. They are State government accredited educators, professionals and executives are from global companies  where they held executive roles, are functional experts and are recognized by governments for their societal and economic contributions. We act in  partnership with well-known universities, colleges, and high schools across the country along with leading NGO and business associations.   

Let us know if you'd like to know more about  Emeritus and our other great programs that help build innovative mindsets. 

EMERITUS ®  is a registered Trademark in the People's Republic of China.