Write and Earn Credits from a High School in the U.S.

 Let us know if you like the idea of learning to write with style from a school in the United States and earn credit that can help with University admissions. 

WriteRight - Unlimited Use Offer

 WriteRight by Eagle Pathways is a writing program and is offered for little as 100 renminbi per hour. It's up to you how often you use it. You can work with your coach each week for as many hours as you want.  

You don't need to pay for high office costs in China nor wonder about the  education credentials of your coach. 

Your Personal Writing Coaching

WriteRight focuses solely on helping you improve your writing skill. WriteRight coaching is designed for students who have already been admitted to school or who want to improve their writing style. If a teacher or professor assigns the student an essay or research paper, your writing coach can coach the student through it.



Experienced Educators

Your WriteRight coaches are state accredited teachers, professors or former educators located throughout the United States. An online program. Our coaches have helped thousands of students and love what they do.


Who is Your Coach

All of Eagle Pathway’s writing coaches are current or former university professors, State certified teachers, or professional writers with years of experience with both writing and with coaching young people. All are native English speakers and graduates of top U.S. universities. None of our coaches works with more than 4 students. 


Your Coach's Background

All are native English speakers and graduates of top U.S. universities. Our coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties, so when you sign up for a WriteRight program, we will get to know you and your abilities so we can match you with a coach who can best help meet your needs and learning style. 


Working with Your Coach

Each Student work with their WriteRight coach using our proprietary Eagles Nest platform. Nest enables a private and secure information exchange between you and your coach from almost anywhere in the world. Our coaches are great at helping you with academic work.

Let us know if you'd like to know more about WriteRight and our other great programs that help build innovative mindsets. 

WriteRight is an online program of Eagle Pathways